Nice to meet you!

I see my role as a cinematographer as a collaborator, a listener and an interpreter. I focus my energy on being tuned into the director's vision while creating an environment for the performance to blossom and unfold in front of the lens. Care, patience and persistence are three cornerstones of my daily practice as an artist and craftsman. My love for creating images is boundless and I feel blessed to have found my calling.     

My visual approach is always derived from the story being told. I believe great imagery tells a story and tunes into the unconscious of the viewer and our culture as a whole. Images that can be felt with your heart speak to me. 

I love adventure, discovering something new, being open and flexible in the moment. As a 1st generation immigrant, I bring a deep understanding of differences in culture to the table and can offer a window into a new perspective of the world.

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